New Audiobook Release! An Exaltation of Larks by Suanne Laqueur

I was standing by the deep end of the pool looking for my next audiobook project, when I felt a caress on the back of my neck. The caress turned into a shove and before I knew it, in I went. When I came to the surface spluttering and coughing, gasping for air, I saw Suanne Laqueur walking away and I swear I heard her laughing. That’s how her award winning novel, An Exaltation of Larks became my latest audiobook. Joining me on this project is the silky-voiced Vanessa DeSilvio reading the female POV chapters. I’m very grateful for the privilege of working with both of these talented women. Head over to the audiobook page or download a copy at Audible today!

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Audiobook: All Is Fair by Michael Kenneth Smith

Sorry for the delay. Somehow I missed blogging about this when I added it to my audiobook page, but WWII historical fiction fans and aviation lovers will love this terrific novel by Michael Kenneth Smith. Mike is a true historian who writes with terrific realism that brings his stories to life. This tale takes it to another “plane” (see what I did there?) as he tells the story of a young Polish fighter pilot Jan Orlinski as he escapes his country to eventually fly with the RAF’s fearsome Polish squadron, the famed 303. Check it out on my audiobook page or download a copy at Audible, Amazon, Spotify, and many other platforms!

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New Audiobook Released! Bit Flip: A Novel

My latest collaboration with author Mike Trigg has released on Audible. Had a fantastic time working on this terrifically written corporate thriller which doubles as an incisive satire as it can only be told by a true insider about the start-up culture of Silicon Valley. Click on over to my Audiobook page to hear a sample and find out more!

Tech executive Sam Hughes came to Silicon Valley to “make the world a better place”. He’s just not sure he’s doing that anymore. And when an onstage meltdown sends him into a professional tailspin, he suddenly sees the culture of the Bay Area’s tech bubble in a new light.

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New Audiobook Available!

Now on Audible!

If you love stories of political intrigue, then this may be just the ticket! Author Christopher B. Emery served as a White House usher during several administrations and grounds this gripping tale with a tremendous authenticity and terrific characters. Join Chief Usher Bartholomew Winston as he seeks to clear the name of an innocent man and find out who really killed President Blake.

Head over to my Audiobook page to hear a retail sample or find it on Audible!

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New Audiobook Release!!

  • Harbinger in the Night
  • By John Warner & Bill Woods
  • Narrated by Darren Eliker
  • 13 hours 16 min
  • Available on Audible!!

Just wrapped up production last week on this exciting new international sci-fi adventure thriller Harbinger in the Night by John Warner and Bill Woods. Had a great time working throughout the holidays with so many terrific characters, including a fantastic A.I. named Gustav. I’m really very grateful to have collaborated with such consistently terrific authors. Thanks, guys!

For a description and an audio sample from Chapter 3, click over to the audiobook page!

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Private Eye Secret Spy by Ian D. Withers

Really honored to work with Ian Withers on his brilliant autobiography covering an amazing career spanning 6 decades!

More from the book…

Ian Withers rewrote the book on what it means to be a Private Investigator. He traversed the world recovering abducted children, gathered intelligence for left and right-wing regimes, and was jailed over a British prime minister’s bad bet. Across 60 years, he chased down fraudsters, bugged leaders of international coups, and cracked open assassination plots. He tracked the IRA’s Hyde Park bomber with a bluffed phone call, located Jeremy Thorpe’s illicit lover, and put his life on the line to return snatched tug-of-love kids to desperate parents.

Now, for the first time, Britain’s most controversial agent-for-hire lifts the lid on an intense life in the darkest of shadows.

Gripping, illuminating, and unflinching, Private Eye, Secret Spy is the thrilling true story of a steely English gentleman’s rise to the top of his game.

“Ian Withers has walked the walk…a frank, honest, and brave confession.” (Gary Murray, author of Enemies of the State)

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Early Praise for “For Blood & Glory” from Audible Listeners

Get it at Audible or Amazon!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why is it worth it?

If you like X-Men, Black Panther, and Twilight flavored with a little witchcraft, then you’ll love For Blood and Glory. Each scene played like a movie in my head. Finished the entire book in one day. Can’t wait for part two

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Couldn’t put it down! Great characters, enjoyed the storyline and looking forward to part 2!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The book was better than expected!! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great book. 

This was really a good book. I really enjoyed listening to it in audible. This book was action packed and exciting. I can’t wait for the next book.

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New Audiobook: “For Blood & Glory” Now Available on Audible!!

“For Blood & Glory” by Cassandra A. Hendricks is officially wrapped and just released on Audible and Amazon! Really had a lot of fun working with Cass on this new venture, the first in her “Chronicles of the 13th Tribe” series. And so grateful she entrusted me with the project involving several strong female protagonists and lots of ethnic characters in play. Wonderfully actable scenes that make it as much fun as a So. Cal. coming-of-age story as it is a brewing interplanetary war between good and evil. Check it out on the audiobook page for the details!

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New Audiobook: “Farewell, Bergerac” is now available on Audible!

Nazi-occupied Aquitaine, 1943: François Dufy, alcoholic and alone, is dragged into the war effort when he rescues a young Jewish girl from the Nazi Security Police. She breathes life into his world and gives him a reason to go on.

Dufy begins a path of revenge on the occupying Germans. A sniper in the Great War, he uses his skills to devastating effect, always posing as the town drunk. Then the British drop supplies and a beautiful SOE agent whom Dufy falls in love with. But as the invaders hunt down the partisans in the deep, crisp woodland, nothing works out as Dufy had hoped. Farewell Bergerac is an unforgettable wartime tale of fragile love, loss, and redemption.

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New Audiobook: “The BiniSphere” is now available on Audible!

The BiniSphere

By: Joseph W. Foster

Narrated by: Darren Eliker

Length: 11 hrs and 20 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 02-12-21

Language: English

Publisher: PsyConOps Publishing

Retail Sample

On the eve of World War II, the most intelligent nuclear physicist in the world discovers a new sub-atomic particle, but before his secret could get out, he mysteriously disappears. The repercussions of the young physicist’s actions leave waves that, 80 years later, reach the rocky shores of Ocean Point, Maine. 

Perry Franklin, a US government researcher, is pulled from forced retirement to investigate a strange phenomenon that shut down one of the CIA’s most sophisticated spy satellites. Odd clues soon lead him to an isolated village on the northern coast of Sicily where he finds much more than he was looking for. To avoid disturbing the delicate balance of nuclear powers, Franklin must put his career and his life in the hands of a woman, a family, and a culture unlike any he’d experienced before. Join Perry Franklin and his Sicilian companion, Christina LaTorre, as they reluctantly battle rogue boat captains, black ops mercenaries, and high-level political appointees, to achieve an outcome that will change the world.

Available Now on Audible and Amazon!

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