Darren Eliker – Conversational.  Believable.  Versatile.  Human.  Darren is…that guy with the ‘Everyman’ kind of sound.

Darren is a professional voiceover talent, conservatory-trained stage actor, and award-winning commercial copy writer with over 25 years in the industry.  Aside from being a freelance voice talent, he is also Creative & Production Director at a mid-market radio station.

For Booking, Rates, or to request a Free Custom Demo for your project :  724-255-3517

Awards:  Tesla Coil for Best Radio Commercial Large Market; 15 Achievement in Radio Awards including multiple Best Commercial, Best Use of Humor, and Best Individual Performance Awards

4 Responses to About

  1. Zlatko says:

    Hey man. You rock. Black dahlia ftmfw!

  2. David Richtmyer says:

    Hello Darren,

    I’m about a third of the way through Black Dahlia and have really enjoyed your stint with the COI, though the puzzles in this game are real mind-benders. What did you enjoy most about the production of that game?

    Congratulations on your fine performance and all of your other contributions.

    • Thank you, David for your kind note! (And apologies for the delayed reply. Allowed myself to get sidetracked with summer projects and have been woefully bad at checking in. Please forgive me.)

      I think what was most enjoyable was the chance to work on something so large and ambitious for its time, to work with such a large number of very talented people, and to do so before the gaming industry made the move to totally digital characters as technology rendered FMV obsolete. I’m always so glad to hear that people are still discovering, playing, and enjoying the game 20 years later, as my gray hairs attest!


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