Beyond Brightside Now on Audible!

Beyond Brightside

A Dark Science Fiction Adventure Thriller

Written By: Mark Tullius

Narrated by: Darren Eliker

“Joe Nolan and his Thought Thief friends managed to escape Brightside in the original novel, but now they find themselves with a giant price on their heads, the entire country looking for them. Joe is badly injured and up against incredible odds but he is willing to do whatever it takes to helps his friends and father.”

Retail Sample

AVAILABLE NOW on Audible and Amazon!

Runtime: 7 hrs 3 min

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New Audiobook Release

Without Expiration: A Personal Anthology

By: William R. Hincy

Narrated by: Darren Eliker

Length: 4 hrs and 13 minutes

Categories: Fiction, Short Stories & Anthologies

Available on Audible and Amazon

Are we bad people who sometimes do good things, or good people who do bad things?

As a society that struggles to reconcile the uncovering of past wrongs with simple human frailty, punishment, and personal redemption, the stories in Without Expiration challenge us to consider the humanity of characters who are flawed and heartbroken and who do and suffer terrible things.

Works from Without Expiration have been published in some of America’s best short fiction journals. From the tale of a devastated father hunting his daughter’s killer to that of a couple forced to confront the disintegration of their marriage anew each time the wife awakes from a persistent vegetative state, the short fictions in this anthology seek to obliterate any sense of righteous indignation and to question how any of us can make it unscathed through a life where our every mistake is without expiration.

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New Video: “Get Back in the Game”

Part of the ReOpen Pittsburgh theme for Salem Surround. Shorter, sweeter, and wrapped in a Black & Gold bow with video by Gary Dickson. From my bunker somewhere South of the Golden Triangle ‘n’at.

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ReOpen Pittsburgh Video for Salem Surround

We’re all itching to get back to work. Pittsburgh is no exception. But we won’t do it without each other. Writing and producing audio from my bunker at home, with Gary Dickson, editing video from his, we put this piece together for Salem Surround, a division of Salem Media Group.

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The Father – Sept 14-23 with Kinetic Theatre Company


Don’t miss The Father, now through Sunday September 23.  That’s this weekend!

Andre was once a tap dancer.  He lives with his daughter, Anne, and her husband, Antoine.  Or was he an engineer, whose daughter Anne lives in London with her new lover, Pierre?  The thing is, he’s still wearing his pajamas and can’t find his watch.  He’s starting to wonder if he’s losing control.

Written by Florian Zeller, translated by Christopher Hampton. This 2017 Tony-Nominee for Best New Play allows us to see the world through the eyes of a patient suffering the debilitating effects of dementia.  Directed by Andrew Paul, and featuring Sam Tsoutsouvas, Catherine Gowl, Darren Eliker, Erin Lindsey Krom, Lisa Ann Goldsmith, and Gregory Johnstone.

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A Message from the Ghost of Hamlet


“This visitation is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose!”  Last chance to see Hamlet at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.  Only 4 performances left, now through Sunday, May 20, 2018!  Don’t miss Ted Pappas’ final production as artistic director of PPT.  Get thee to for tickets before they’re gone!  (Pictured:  Darren Eliker as the Ghost of Hamlet)

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TV Appearance – “Outsiders” season finale WGN America

Haylie Grimes (Francie Swift) needs someone to bail her out of jail.





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Voiceover – Putney Vet 60

For all who love their pets.  Putney, Inc. has developed a terrific concept.  Generic pet medication.  Happy to voice this sweet :60 produced by my friends at Smith Brothers Agency and Market St. Sound.  Watch, join the collective “Awwww”, and pass it along to a pet lover you know!

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Voiceover – LG&E’s new “Legends of Energy Efficiency” Campaign

The talented folks at Louisville agency Scoppechio, led by producer Thom Little, have created a shiny new campaign for LG&E. Here’s one from the series. Nice work guys! Production Company – Road Pictures; Directed by Marco Baca with Line Producers Greg Malone and Kim Cline; Editor – John Scofield and Audio Mix by Rick Boone; Voiceover – Darren Eliker

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Voiceover – “Urban Genius”

Video for 350 5th Avenue Office Tower

Part One of a very nice piece called “Urban Genius” created last year by my friends Philip Elias, Elizabeth Surgil and the team at Elias Savion for Pittsburgh’s newest and most modern high-rise. Thought I’d share it as it really shows off this beautiful city! Post-production by Market Street Sound. Thanks for letting me be the voice, guys!

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